aifinyo AG converts from bearer shares to registered shares


Berlin, 10 January 2024 – aifinyo AG is proceeding with the conversion from bearer shares to registered shares as decided by the Annual General Meeting on July 17, 2023. The bearer shares with the old ISIN DE000A2G8XP9 are to be traded for the last time today, January 10, 2024 (record date). Trading in the registered shares with the new ISIN DE000A3EX2X7 will then begin on January 11, 2024 (payment date). For this purpose, the holdings of no-par value bearer shares of aifinyo AG held in custody at credit institutions will be automatically converted into no-par value registered shares of the B2B fintech at a ratio of 1:1.

The amendment to the Articles of Association resolved by the Annual General Meeting was entered in the company’s commercial register at the Berlin Charlottenburg Local Court on July 28, 2023. The share capital of aifinyo AG in the amount of EUR 4,048,670 is thus divided into 4,048,670 no-par value registered shares with a notional interest in the share capital of EUR 1.00. The company expects the conversion of the share class in conjunction with an electronic share register to result in more effective and targeted communication with its shareholders.

The conversion to registered shares requires the maintenance of a share register in which the shareholders are entered. In the case of natural persons, the surname and first name as well as the residential address, date of birth, an electronic address and the number of shares held are recorded. In the case of legal entities, the company name and registered office, the business address and the number of shares held are entered in the share register. Only those persons who are entered as shareholders in the company’s share register are deemed to be shareholders vis-à-vis the company and are entitled to participate in the Annual General Meeting and exercise their voting rights.

The legal status of the shareholders entered in the share register will not be affected by the conversion of the no-par value bearer shares into registered shares. Their participation in the company remains unchanged, as do the rights associated with their shares. The shareholders‘ right to sell their shares is also not restricted or made more difficult, as the transfer of registered shares does not require the company’s consent.

The share capital of aifinyo AG, divided into no-par value registered shares, is securitized in a global certificate deposited with Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt am Main. The company’s shareholders participate in the global certificate deposited with Clearstream Banking AG as co-owners in proportion to their shareholding.

About aifinyo

aifinyo is the reliable smart billing partner for entrepreneurs and freelancers to automate the billing, financing and payment of invoices. For this purpose, the fintech operates a unique platform around invoice and liquidity management including uncomplicated financing solutions in the areas of factoring, finetrading, leasing and receivables management. With Billomat, aifinyo also offers one of the leading cloud-based accounting systems in Germany, with which all invoice processes are handled simply and efficiently.

The shares (ISIN: DE000A2G8XP9, DE000A3EX2X7) of aifinyo AG are listed on Xetra as well as in m:access, a market segment specifically for medium- sized companies within the Regulated Unofficial Market of the Munich Stock Exchange. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) supervises aifinyo finance GmbH as a financial services provider and aifinyo payments GmbH as a payment services provider.
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