aifinyo AG has developed successfully in 2023 and is optimistic about the future

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Berlin, 26 February 2024 – aifinyo AG has developed successfully in 2023 and is optimistic about the future. The B2B fintech increased its transaction volume* by around 8% to EUR 407 million. At EUR 51.1 million, turnover was slightly below the previous year’s figure of EUR 53.6 million. The high-margin recurring SaaS business developed positively. For example, subscription-based sales of accounting and liquidity management tools increased by 30% to EUR 2 million. aifinyo increased gross profit**, one of the most important key performance indicators (KPI), by 5% to EUR 14.6 million in 2023.


Last year was a year of transition for aifinyo in operational terms. Following the acquisition of Billomat and the strong growth in 2022, the focus last year was on strategic issues such as the integration of the new subsidiary and further development of the aifinyo eco-system.


At EUR 1.9 million last year, earnings before interest and taxes nearly reached the record level of EUR 2.2 million from 2022. Earnings before taxes amounted to EUR 0.2 million in 2023 (2022: EUR 1.2 million). The B2B fintech has thus grown profitably even in a difficult macroeconomic environment, invested in the cloud-based platform for managing, financing and paying invoices and strengthened its leading position in the market. The legal status of the shareholders entered in the share register will not be affected by the conversion of the no-par value bearer shares into registered shares. Their participation in the company remains unchanged, as do the rights associated with their shares. The shareholders‘ right to sell their shares is also not restricted or made more difficult, as the transfer of registered shares does not require the company’s consent.


„The fact that we were essentially able to maintain the high level from the record year 2022 in difficult economic times confirms aifinyo’s robust business model. In 2022, our number of customers more than quadrupled and gross profit almost doubled. It was therefore important to consolidate and further develop internally in 2023,“ says aifinyo CEO Stefan Kempf. „We have done this and are in an excellent position to achieve double-digit growth again in the future. The market potential is still huge and there is still no real digital business customer bank in Germany. aifinyo wants to change this.“


The integration of Billomat is largely complete and the subsidiary’s app was relaunched at the turn of the year. While the aifinyo and Billomat brands remain separate, the platform has been standardized in the background. In addition, the first financing tools from aifinyo are available to Billomat users and the range of financing and invoice payment services is to be completed in the current year.


The aifinyo eco-system was expanded in 2023 to include an AI chatbot, among other things. The aifinyoCHAT application enables entrepreneurs and freelancers to have frequently asked customer questions answered quickly, automatically and at any time on their website by artificial intelligence (AI). The adaptive AI is based on ChatGPT technology and complies with GDPR-compliant quality standards.


aifinyo expects to publish its audited consolidated financial statements for 2023 at the beginning of May 2024.

*Sum of factoring, finetrading, leasing and collection transactions processed
**Total operating performance reduced by cost of goods sold and depreciation of leased assets


About aifinyo

aifinyo is the reliable smart billing partner for entrepreneurs and freelancers to automate the billing, financing and payment of invoices. For this purpose, the fintech operates a unique platform around invoice and liquidity manage-ment including uncomplicated financing solutions in the areas of factoring, finetrading, leasing and receivables man-agement. With Billomat, aifinyo also offers one of the leading cloud-based accounting systems in Germany, with which all invoice processes are handled simply and efficiently.

The shares (ISIN: DE000A3EX2X7) of aifinyo AG are listed on Xetra as well as in m:access, a market segment specifically for medium-sized companies within the Regulated Unofficial Market of the Munich Stock Exchange. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) supervises aifinyo finance GmbH as a financial services provider and aifinyo payments GmbH as a payment services provider.

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